Cefo design studio is a time-tested advertising agency in the field of brand design, packaging graphic, prepress, corporate identity and consulting services. Since its establishment, more than 25 years ago, our team has been continuously improving, with our main goals always being to achieve highly creative ideas and impeccable quality of service. We develop packaging design, labels, catalogs, brochures, logos, corporate identity, advertising materials, web sites and others. In order to complete our projects, we also have our own printing and production facilities with a very wide range of opportunities, with the help of which the ideas convert into a reality. Everything we create for our clients carries the specific spirit and presents the features of the products and services they offer to their customers. Ideas and solutions based on our talent, inspiration and creative approach ensure that they will see and remember you.

And the most secure way to notice you is through the built image - proof of your strong market presence.

     Cefo design is associated with stability and high quality, professionalism, responsibility and a combination of tradition and innovation in technology. Our direct contact with the customer, our individual personal attitude, the alternative service approaches, the high quality of the offered services and the competitive prices are just some of the company's priorities, for which we continue to be a reliable partner for our clients in the dynamic world of graphic design.

We create worlds with spirit in which imagination and reality coexist....

Stefan Nikolov CEO

Stefan Nikolov

Nevena Stefanova account manager

Nevena Stefanova

account manager
Vera Petrova art manager

Vera Petrova

art manager
Galya Georgieva graphic designer

Galya Georgieva

graphic designer
Temenuga Ivanova graphic designer

Temenuga Ivanova

graphic designer
Raya Dimitrova graphic designer

Raya Dimitrova

graphic designer
Dimitar Popov graphic designer

Dimitar Popov

graphic designer
Borislav Georgiev prepress specialist

Borislav Georgiev

prepress specialist
years experience
completed designs
individual branding solutions
permanent clients